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I studied Art at the Universidad Católica de Chile graduating in 1991. In 1993 I made my first solo exhibition, with frames and embroidered fabrics. From then on, my work is proposed as a metaphor for the female condition. That same year I began a series of works that present dresses in unusual scales: first they were tiny, then gigantic. Other of my installations incorporate the use of my own body (hair and copies of it) and other transformed everyday elements. All these interventions seek to adapt to the specific places where they are exhibited. I have shown my work in South America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Since 2017 and in a way that started spontaneously, I began to carry out various "processions" with the giant dresses, in different circumstances and inviting different participants to interact with them in a symbolic sense. This dimension opens to social, local and significant issues, is where I am currently exploring new possibilities of my work. In parallel and since 1998, I have been working at the Balmaceda Arte Joven Cultural Corporation in Santiago, designing and developing educational artistic experiences with young people. I have also done curatorial work focused on emerging artists, promoting the visibility of their practices and problems.

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