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Santiago, Plaza Dignidad August 2020.


Papay is the Mapuche woman who transmits her wisdom and power, the older woman who wears this flower apron. The procession brings the absent body through the dress, envelops us in it and unfolds as protection and as a call to conscience. It takes place where three Chemamul were installed before in Plaza Dignidad in the context of the social revolt of October 2019, and then continues at Galería CIMA over the Mapocho River and looking towards the mountain range.


Participation of artists linked to the visual arts, music and theater.

Rogatory: Lorenza Aillapán.

Fixed photography: Luis Bahamondes, Andrés Cruz.

Audiovisual record: Roberto Riveros.

Audiovisual production: Andrés Cruz, Alejandro East.

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