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Sala Gasco 2005, Museum of Solidarity Salvador Allende 2008.


This series of school uniforms, enlarged to a scale of 1: 5, represents the visibility of Chilean high school students. In four materialities, the installation refers to different roles that finally define the destinies of women. After their first exhibition, they have been exhibited in different instances and contexts. One of the most interesting was its assembly with works from the collection of the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum, where male figures of 20th century art such as Frank Stella and Roberto Matta interacted with works from the collection.

Another important location for this work was in the front of the Liceo de NIñas N ° 1 of Santiago Javiera Carrera, participating as an installation during the taking of the establishment in the context of the student mobilizations of 2006.

Gasco Room photographic record: Vinka Quintana.

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