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Why go out? Where to go? Faced with the idea and mainly the desire to hold a new exhibition in Santiago de Chile, our city of origin, it was presented to us as an already known setting, where the locations within the art system were already repetitive for us to propose new works. The same to find a "theme" for the exhibition, to face the meaning of a new sample. A brief crisis, accompanied by certain of some readings, searches and fortuitous encounters, are the factors that were unleashing this project, which we call Out of Boundary.

To configure the idea, we unfolded a map on a wall and began to imagine a journey along the boundary of the continent. With such a simple gesture we point out a series of places of interest. The sequence of the exhibitions was defined by the spaces that we knew through artists from different countries, the availability in their calendars and the search for funding. Thus, the Out of Boundary diagram was formed as a series of five exhibitions worked specifically for each space: Museo Regional de Magallanes (Punta Arenas, Chile, March 2012), EAC, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (Montevideo, Uruguay, August 2012), mARTadero (Cochabamba, Bolivia, September 2012) and La Curtiduría (Oaxaca, Mexico, December 2012). The cycle closed in March 2013 at Casa E, Valparaíso, Chile.


Thus we submitted to the discipline of performing 15 works in a year. Each one considered, from their individual poetics, how they would carry out this series, and what would be their personal "box of materials" when traveling. We named each place on the route with different topics, to mark a relationship between the works and the space. Thus Punta Arenas was "The Departure", Montevideo "The Time", Cochabamba "The Threshold", Oaxaca "The Frontier" and Valparaíso "The Port".

We had the experience of a joint project [1] where we had verified the strategy of group work as an excellent option, reaffirming our autonomy as artists and developing a clear discourse from our work, without the need for a curator to direct the works from some factual location. readings about our works. We decided then, to rethink the idea of ​​the trip.
We established a common thread based on the awareness of the state of travel, based on the creative specificity of each one and the experience of the joint work carried out previously. Light materials - with a greater or lesser degree of elaboration - would be put into a suitcase and displayed as a work when installed in real space. Carrying out five works each, in five different places in Latin America, represented a challenge of great material, strategic and conceptual demand.

[1] Project of a Boundary consisted of four different exhibitions, one in Chile (Valdivia), two in the United States (Brockton, MA and New York, NY) and one in Australia (Sydney), carried out between the years 1999-2005.

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